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Little Revelations Here and There

Ok, I admit being way behind on my posts 😐
What started as a blog to be kept up daily, turned into a 6 day lapse since the first actual entry. My bad, my bad… maybe I’m not cut out to be a blogger – LESS I redeem myself! Ahh…

Over the past few days (spent NOT blogging apparently) I’ve amassed some observations… insights on life if you will – I’ve been reminded of old beefs and discovered new ones, and even stumbled upon things/situations that have set my mind at peace about past peeves/misfortunes…

In no specific chronological order, here’s the first revelation, entitled:

1) “Angry Dutch Woman”

Last Winter, I was doing some Christmas shopping on Kalverstraat (main shopping street in Amsterdam)… I spent hours scouting around for gifts to bring back home for the holidays and came across a little shop that reminded me of Miss Tiggy Winkles (in the sense that, it was filled with different knick knacks and seemed to have an array of gift selections – oh! and it was semi colorful/well lit)… I had my eye on a watch and vividly remember asking the store owner if I could take a closer look at it.

I had asked her questions regarding the durability of the watch and also about the warranty since it would be a gift for a relative in Canada – And so, wanting to know what to do in the case that it broke or [fill in the blank], seemed like a good idea, right?

Apparently not. The more I asked, the more impatient she got – She would tell me: “You should buy based on the look and if you like it, not on the warranty. You must have trust.”

I proceeded to tell her that I was looking to buy the watch as a gift for someone abroad and so (again), I’d want to ensure the product was in good shape and that he/she would know what to do in the case that there was a malfunction of sorts.

Out of nowhere, the lady scuffled in anger and said “We only want to sell to nice people who trust, so GO AWAY, get out of the store.”


Needless to say, I was offended by her remark – and even had it in me to advise her that in no way that this was how she should run her business – Of course, she couldn’t give a rat’s a**.

ANYWAYS… 9 months down the road and I found myself in that same shop looking for a salt & pepper shaker set (don’t ask)… I surprisingly found some original ones (who knew you could get s & p shakers in the shape of golf balls and matching dogs… I know, great eh? now you can sleep at night).

As I walked back into the small shop, I noticed a couple looking at some clocks and could hear them ask the store owner: “Do you have a new one by any chance, that is not used?” – From afar, you could TELL that this wasn’t going to be pretty…

The couple somehow make it to the cash, where the lady began unwrapping the item for them to see. I couldn’t quite make out what the two were asking but suddenly the woman exclaimed in a demeaning tone: “ONE more question and I don’t sell this to you.”

The poor customers were speechless and didn’t know what to say, as she continued “No trusting, you can leave now, get out of my store, yes go away.”

I instantly walked behind the couple, expressed my sympathy and shared in their shock and disbelief. FUN TIMES my friends, fun times indeed.


i. Some people are freaks and have issues beyond comprehension.

ii. If you come across a bad salesperson, there is a strong likelihood that he/she is no better with other customers. So do not take it personally.

iii. Don’t go to the small shop on Kalverstraat in Amsterdam that reminds you of Miss Tiggy Winkles, where they sell salt and pepper shakers in the shape of golf balls.

iv. When in doubt, just trust. You must trust.

LOL, more to come tomorrow 🙂

With more to say,


Thought No. 1

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SLEEPING IN is a double edged sword

Wait, I might be using that expression wrong… what I mean to say is, I woke up this morning at say 8:24am, but then went back to bed soon after I brushed my teeth (which was a step slash attempt to wake up, but which obviously failed).

Finally, I woke up at 12:19pm and realized that I had indeed slept in.

Sleeping in, to me, is always a good and bad thing.
It’s GREAT because you feel refreshed, rested and you got to squeeze in 1 or 2 extra dreams (lol) but it’s also HORRIBLE because there goes give or take 1/3 of your day (depending on when you decide to go to bed that night). I know it’s a waste of my day because yesterday I woke up rather early and by noonish I had accomplished a lot more than a mere 1 or 2 dreams (I’m not even sure you can consider that an accomplishment).

Does anyone conquer?

Back to my double edged sword theory… I guess it does make sense if I look at it this way, looking at both sides/edges of the “sword”:

1) You think it’s good cause you’re refreshed but in reality.. NO it’s BAD because your sleeping pattern is messed up. On top of that, sleeping too much actually drains your energy (i.e. You may have exerted energy in a dream where you may have been in some sort of samurai combat fighting situation… Yes it is possible, this is no laughing matter! lol)

2) Again, waste of your morning/day/early afternoon where/when you could have done something a lot more fulfilling; i.e. like knitting a pair of socks while chewing on apple slices or [fill in the blank].

Ahhh yes.
Don’t you feel enlightened by my wisdom? 😛
Please do comment, or don’t. But it only gets better from here on out!

Until tomorrow, with more to say…